A Family Business that has Grown from the Love of Garlic.

We’ve been growing garlic on the Isle of Wight ever since Granny Norah planted those first few cloves in her garden over 40 years ago. We have spent all the years since exploring its history and origins, experimenting with the many different varieties here on “the Island” and creating many garlic infused products from chutney to beer and ice cream.

Colin and Jenny (Mum and Dad) have even traveled to the mountains of Georgia and Kazakhstan (see the Garlic Farmers’ Blog) in search of the “Mother of all garlic”. Colin and Jenny’s daughter Natasha has written two fantastic books on cooking with garlic and how to get the most of its’ amazing health benefits. Other daughter and son Josephine and Hugo run the Garlic Farm Field Kitchen at events, shows and music festivals offering delicious garlic inspired grub to hungry festival goers.

The above is an extract from The Garlic Farm website. For more information please visit The Garlic Farm.