The Isle of Wight has a brilliant environment for children to grow up and flourish in.

Unfortunately, every year, children are taken into care because their parents, for one reason or another, may be unable to look after them. Fostering is caring for such children in your own home. It is not adoption, but it can mean looking after a child for a week, a month, a year or sometimes even longer. Foster carers help children to thrive in a caring and safe environment. As a foster carer you are part of a team around the child which includes social workers, health visitors, doctors and teachers all of whom work to the child’s care plan which may include the child moving on to an adoptive placement, or having permanence with their foster carer until they are ready to move on to independent living.

Visit the IOW Council Fostering website.

Adoption offers permanence to children who need a loving and secure family and who are unable to live with their birth parents. When a child is adopted they legally and permanently become part of the adopter’s family. Adoptions are arranged by an adoption agency that is legally permitted to arrange adoptions – the Isle of Wight Council, as a Local Authority, acts as an adoption agency. The adoption is made legally binding by the court on the making of an Adoption Order. The Adoption Order is permanent and transfers parental responsibility from the birth parents to the adopter(s).

Visit IOW Council Adoption website.